The current monetary easing is deeply indebting nations to banks, leading to :
1. Hyperinflation (MMT),
2. Dispossession (Banks),
3. Totalitarianism (CBDC),
4. Stagnation (Austrian),
5. Communism (Marx), or
6. Fascism (government by corporation).


1. Bank money is debt issued by private corporations at interest, leading to shortages, defaults, and dispossession (asset stripping) of governments, corporations, and individuals.

2. Government control of money leads to hyperinflation and totalitarianism.

3. Central bank digital currency (or treasury digital currency) would control our lives completely, who can buy what, and even starve anyone.

4. Gold standard/Austrian (or Bitcoin), in an attempt to stop inflation, chokes the economy through scarcity and hoarding.

5. Crypto-currencies, local currencies, LETS’s, Time Banks, gold coins, etc., all require debt (bank) money first, in order to purchase them.


We propose private money that provides adequate money for economic activity without interest, either:

1. Digital cash, emulating notes and coins, thus anonymous and interest free; created as work is done. The challenge to adoption is trust.

2. Mutual credit also supplies money for economic activity without interest, but in order to establish trust it cannot be anonymous, but rather private, between trading partners (as is typical of business anyway).

Private money does not constrain the economy, meaning that full employment becomes the capacity of the economy, freeing people and corporations from destructive competition for finance charges (interest), to focus on caring for each other, maintaining the planet, and fulfilling career choices.

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