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In the spirit of decentralisation, the business logic is a decentralised application (dApp) running on a blockchain, and the user interface is web-pages hosted on a decentralised file system without a web server.

Please don’t hesitate to pose questions in the comment section below, or the contact page.

About the dApp (decentralised application)

This is a simple application to grant credit and make payments between people without having to resort to fiat (debt at interest). It is at the minimum viable product stage to solicit comments from the market.

Why the choice of platform?

In the spirit of decentralisation and decentralised societies:

  1. The business logic is a smart contract running on a blockchain, and
  2. The user interface is browser pages on a decentralised file system.

A smart phone app, or a database-based web server site comes with the risks that centralisation brings, such as a single point of failure, or being shutdown by an agency or corporation.

Trust to accept payment

Trust is established by:

  1. The promise (IOU) of the payer to redeem to any bearer,
  2. Credit granted by a business partner, and
  3. The strength of the community the member belongs to.


The development of this dApp (by this team) has stopped in favour of Sikoba who have progressed further.

Similar implementations

Video introductions

  1. Introduction to (Ryan Fuggar’s) Ripple, and
  2. Romualdo Grillo describes credit limits.


  1. Villages, and
  2. Other implementations.


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